Extreme Homesteading

"For the foreseeable future"


Happy Friday! We made it another week. And by staying inside we’re keeping ourselves and our neighbors safe. That’s what’s getting me through.

Jack and I have officially passed the three-week mark of our quarantine. I’ve been jokingly calling it our honeymoon since that was um ~~canceled by Miss Rona. So, if anything, y’all need to keep staying inside so that we can get to Greece someday.

I’ve been trying to keep busy as best I can, while also making room for existential woe to come and go. It’s maybe the most housewife I’ll ever feel. I can’t really say. I’m terrified though that I’m quickly on track to becoming one of those suburban women who needs “a room for crafting.” Knitting and sewing projects take up a lot of space!! I’m also trying to convince Jack that we need a small white dog.

I’ve been making soups and roast chicken, doing living room pilates, diligently chopping and storing produce, freezing our herbs, and hunting for groceries and cleaning supplies seriously like a FREAK. I trimmed my own bangs (sorry Dana) and I’ve given myself a manicure. I miss long nails! Putting on my cutest pajamas helps.

All of this has just been driving me closer and closer to purchasing and binging all the seasons of The Simple Life - the ultimate show on homesteading.

But! For those who’ve been following along on Instagram, I wanted to share the mask pattern I’ve been using to make masks. This one has been easier for me than the pleated style I’ve seen going around (I’m a true beginner, thankful for YouTube) and I found that it fits me a bit better. I also like that this pattern has written as well as video instructions.

If you’re interested in a mask, let me know! I’m getting some shipping supplies and would be happy to send one your way. Otherwise, I’m looking into hospitals in need.

Signing off for now! xx

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